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제목 TS-SW





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Semi off-set type 의 고정식 손잡이
Single-Wide Blade for Slicing
Hitachi Stainless steel 440C from Japan 사용
뛰어난 절삭력


Off-set type Handle
Single-Wide blade for Slicing
Bigger Holes for Easy Movement on Every Stylists
Hitachi Stainless steel 440C from Japan
Excellent edge gives a silky cut.



품질향상을 위한 원자재 변경가능

New cobalt steel ‘VG10’ from Japan.

손걸이 변경가능(탈 부착식 또는 고정식)

다양한 사이즈 제작가능(4.5"~8.0")

볼트, 너트 종류 변경가능

가위 및 부속의 다양한 컬러 티타늄 도금 가능


According to your demand, raw material is changeable to

New cobalt steel ‘VG10’ from Japan.

Available fixed or detachable finger rest

Available size (4.5"~8.0")

Screw System is up to your choice

-Bearing screw, Teflon screw, Octagon screw, Gaon screw, Alu screw, Three Tae- Guk screw, Epoxy screw, Inner screw, Compact screw, Spring screw etc.

Multi choice of Titanium Color Plating on Scissors and Screws

-Black, Grey, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Lime, Green etc.